Phil McCammon
Phil McCammon


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ROAM Free me inside I don't like to quench the taste I don't like to rot and waste There is no denying That I gave the best I could Just to save myself for good I'll roam on alone now from the air and the trees from cities and buildings and parks Feel tenses collide As I rush through your tearfilled eyes Gather thoughts from within your mind I'll breeze along Through the streets of childhood dreams That kept me leaking at the seams I'll roam on alone now Over dust filled plains Over polar ice caps and naked flames See me go I'll breath the wonders of the world Devour generation's souls I'll be OK Just take care of yourself tonight I might be far but I'm not out of sight I'll Roam on alone now Through feelings and skies I've passed by you smiling with new looks on life... I'll roam on alone now... I'll roam on alone now... I'll roam on alone now... © 1995 Phil McCammon

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