Phil McCammon

Phil McCammon has been writing and recording using his own brand of songwriting for the best part of ten years now. A graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Phil McCammon has performed pretty much around the globe. With live appearances in Scotland, USA, India and Switzerland, Phils' career has been slowly but surely gaining momentum. Taking his influences from artist such as Bowie, Dave Matthews, World Party and Peter Gabriel, Phil moulds mellow nostalgic "mood rock" with fast gripping catchy"seven rock" - Phil's own brand of rhythmic experimentation combined with straight forward Rock. Often merging modern instruments with the traditional, Phil's sound has recently been straying around various programming sessions with computers and other electronic gizmos resulting in tracks like "Makes You Think" and "Real Time Slide", both of which have recieved positive feedback in Central Europe and the USA. Such classics as "Breaking Waves", "Butterfly Eyes" and "These are ways" have recieved much acclaim around the Boston & New York Music scene. Recently "Cry Out Loud" peaked at number 3 on Broadjam Progressive Rock Top 10 charts and "Beyond Infinity" reached number 10 in the Electronica Top 10 Broadjam Charts. Phil performs either solo, brandishing his one man band consisting of him and unseen electronic gizmos running in the background or with his Band SPAT which performs around Switzerland and headlined at the Cully Jazz Festival (Festival OFF - a sub event of the Jazz Festival for Rock/Pop Bands).  Phil was "Runner Up" in the "We Are Listening" songwriting competition for his truly cheeky song "Beyond Infinity". Phil was also mentioned in the "wow factor" forum (online) for his lyrics in "Breaking Waves". Currently Phil writes, rehearses, performs in Zurich, Switzerland where, until recently, he paid his bills by transcribing sheet music into Braille for the blind. In November 2006 Phil signed a production deal with Producer "Filippo Gaetani" and the subsequent CD was released on CDbaby under the Dreamquake Records Label on the 11th December 2007. Laborious gigging followed for two years around Switzerland, both with and without a Band. When with band, Phil was described as one of the most exciting new acts in Zurich and amassed a small loyal following. Without band Phil performed with a collection of gadgets and loopers. Phils songs "Beyond Infinity" and "Roam" both received critical acclaim, both ending up as runners up in 3 international competitions ("We Are Listening", "International Songwriting Awards" and "Australian Songwriting Awards"). In 2009 a music video for "Into The Well" was produced by Phil himself in his bedroom and received excellent reviews both online and through the Swiss Newspapers. In 2010 Phil released the single "The Wind" and the song ended up on "Anything You Want" by Derek Sievers, founder of cdbaby... Phil was contacted by Derek who wanted a song from "one of his favourite artists" (according to him).  In 2011 "Makes You Think" appeared as the backing Track for the trailer to the soon to be released computer game "Krautscape". A 7 song soundtrack followed the trailer in 2012.

 Phil also does sound design and music for computer games and short animations. In 2014 it was time to release Mindscrapers, which had been recorded over a period of many years... some song quite old and other written for the album...



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