AUG 31 2012
March 2012
Recording Drums for the Krautscape Soundtrack
Plus mixing and mastering in Oakland CA, USA
Save the date: 6 Mar 2012 - Watch us developers perform the Krautscape soundtrack live in San Francisco (within walking distance of the GDC)! http://swissnexsanfrancisco.org/Ourwork/events/swiss-game-arcade-2012

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Phil McCammon: All Over Me

Sept 2011

Sept has just started. But there's some news!! I've been busy on 2 projects: Borderline & Krautscape.

Borderline is a short animation which I did sound and music for. It won the Audience Award at the Fantoche Festival in Baden!!!! Mega pride for being involved with this animation by animator extraordinaire Dustin Rees.

Krautscape is a computer game which completely Rocks!!! Created by Game Designers Mario Von Rickenbach and Michi Burgdorfer, it was selected as one of the best 7 Swiss Games of 2011!!! Methinks a massive dose of good vibes was somehow overdue and that all happened in one week!!!



August 2011

Phil McCammon: Krautscape Soundtrack

Hi Peoples


As I've been told so often: why no news? why so quiet?

Well, been quite busy actually, but on different fronts:


A selection of painting will be hanging at Bubbles Restaurant as of the 17 August 2011 right through till End of October...

Where? Werdstrasse 54, 8004 Zurich

Website: http://www.cafe-bubbles.ch/

Great food. Best Cheesecake in Zurich (I kid you not) - Great English Breakfast during the weekends too so get over there - check the place out - see my art - The paintings are also for sale if anyone is interested.




July 2011

I was recently contacted by Derek Sivers!!! Derek Sivers set up CDbaby and revolutionised the music industry. I released my CD "All Over Me" on CDBaby in 2007. Derek asked me if I would like to submit a song for a book he has written. I am (apparently) amongst his favourite artists. 

First of all I thought this was some kind of joke or some cruel spam so I responded with a question which he'd have to personally answer if it was for real... and it was...

He really did want me to submit a song...

So... after catching my breath and feeling rather honoured I submitted a new song "The Wind". Derek has included a bunch of his favourite artists who agreed to submit a song for this project. The book comes with loads of great music but you need to buy the book to get the code which will unlock all the tracks...


I just read the book and it's a great read. Fun and interesting. Also really inspiring.

Check it out, buy the book here:




“Derek Sivers is changing the way music is bought and sold. A musicians' savior. One of the last music-business folk heroes.” (cover story: “The Genius Issue: 38 Radicals and Rebels Who Are Creating a New World”) Esquire


“He's neither Elvis nor Shawn Fanning. But in his own quiet way, Derek Sivers is revolutionizing the music business.” MSN






May 2011

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March 2011

The song

"Makes You Think" (intstrumental version)

will be featured in the ultra stylish new racing game "Krautscape" - created by exciting young game designers Mario Von Rickenbach and Michel Burgdorfer from Zurich, Switzerland.

I am also doing the entire Game Audio for this project - Sound Effects, Music etc so that's the reason there've been no gig alerts or postings...  been a busy but fun time... aiming for a Sept 2011 release.


I am getting ready for some gigs maybe late summer...

"Borderline" by Dustin Rees

I have also been asked to do the music and sound design for Dustin Reeses next short animation. A great animator, Dustin has already receive much acclaim for his talents as an animator. Scheduled release for "Borderline" is Sept 2011.




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