Hello peeps!
It's been...well... a bit long since my last update and actually this is a first news update on my website/Journal.
I guess some things need explaining - I disappeared for 2 months after the Feb gigs. Thanks to those who came to the gigs and apologies to those who came tothe gig when I was sick and had to cancel. A first cancellation for me. hopefully the last...
Why the silence? - well after deciding that a rethink was needed (playing gigs in CH/ZH) I spent some time writing some new songs, thinking about how to move forward musically whilst reaching a larger audience and preparing for a very cool gig on the 27 August (in ZH) I decided to drop the band and play solo gigs.

Pen in this date:
27 Aug. 2008
I'll be playing an acoustic gig outside. Rene (pal) will join me for some tunes hopefully (if he has the time) Free gig - middle of Zurich - Bäckeranlage... There's a cool prog rock band on before me - can't remember their name (sorry cool prog rock band!! will add your name asap...)ok peeps

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